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A crash course in changing the world.

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Playing from your mobile phone? Limited Internet access? Slow bandwidth? Click here for the mobile & low-bandwidth version of EVOKE.

Does something seem a bit off after watching these videos? Don't worry! These videos reference the first season of EVOKE and its deadlines, but don't worry—the game is still played in the same way! With that caveat in mind, take a look and enjoy saving the world!


This is not a simulation.

You are about to tackle real problems

food security
water security
disaster relief
human rights

Welcome to the Evoke Network.

Welcome to your crash course in changing the world.

What's an "evoke"?

There's an old saying here: "If you have a problem, and you can't solve it alone, evoke it."

When we evoke, we look for creative solutions.
We use whatever resources we have.
We get as many people involved as possible.
We take risks.
We come up with ideas that have never been tried before.

An evoke is an urgent call to innovation.

Evoking first started in Africa, but it can happen anywhere.

For the next 10 weeks, we will evoke together.

Every Wednesday at midnight, the network will send out a new evoke.

How to respond to an urgent evoke:
1. Read the story
2. Investigate the story
3. Accept your mission

If you respond to at least one evoke by May 12, 2010, you will earn your spot as a founding member of the Evoke Network.


Your mission is to practice your world-changing skills, right now, wherever you are.

Every Wednesday at midnight, a new mission unlocks.

Each mission has three objectives.

LEARN - Investigate our great challenges and share what you discover.
ACT - Get out in the world. Do something small to help solve a real problem.
IMAGINE - Unleash your creativity. Tell a story about the future you want to make.

I will personally review your mission evidence and alert you when your mission is complete.

Complete one objective to get credit for the mission.
Complete two objectives to get heroic credit.
Complete all three for legendary credit.

1. Accept your mission.
2. Submit your evidence: a blog post, a video, or an image.
3. Await your rewards.


Every hero has an origin story. It's time for you to discover yours. 

Where do your powers come from? Who inspires you? What set you on a path to change the world? 

A new quest unlocks every Wednesday at midnight.

Each quest is a question that only you can answer. 

Answer all ten questions, and write the story only you can tell.


1. Find a quest.
2. Tell your story to the world.

3. Track your completed quests on My Page.

4. Change your story any time.


Evoke powers are the skills and abilities you need to change the world.

Collaboration    Courage    Creativity

Entrepreneurship            Local insight
Knowledge Networking    Resourcefulness
Spark     Sustainability        Vision

Complete missions to earn powers, and find out where your true strengths lie.

How to earn powers:
1. Learn what each power means.

2. Complete a mission. Each objective is worth a different number of power points.

3. Collect Power Votes.

How to give power votes:

1. Browse the mission evidence. [show evidence browsing]

2. See something interesting? Vote for it. [show voting]

Each vote is worth +1 power -- and you get to pick the power!

You have unlimited votes -- but choose wisely. You can only vote once for each piece of evidence.

How to track powers:

1. Watch your evoke powers rise on "My Page".
2. Check the leaderboard to see how your powers compare with other Evoke members.

Your power profile is a unique statement of your abilities and talents.
Show the world what you're good at.
There's no limit to how many powers you can gain.


There is no one way to win this game.
Take the journey you want to take -- and choose the rewards you want to earn.

How to earn your spot in history:
Complete any single mission by May 12, 2010
You'll join the ranks of the EVOKE Founding Members.

How to get certified:
Complete at least one objective from each mission, and all 10 quests.
You'll receive official recognition: World Bank Institute Certified Social Innovator -- Class of 2010

How to get top honors:
Complete two objectives from each mission, and all 10 quests.
You'll be certified with heroic honors.
Complete all three objectives from each mission, and all 10 quests.
You'll be certified with legendary honors.

How to earn an online mentorship with an experienced social innovator:
1. Get certified.
2. Create an evokation, telling us about a social innovation project or enterprise you want to develop.
We'll select up to 10 members to receive an online mentorship with an experienced social innovator.

How to win a trip to Washington DC for the Evoke Summit:
1. Get certified.
2. Create an evokation.
We'll select up to 6 members to travel to the 2010 Evoke Summit in Washington DC, where the game creators, players, and leading social innovators will meet to develop enterprise ideas and plan for the next stage of the Evoke Network.
Work at your own pace.
Do as much as you want.
Evoke as much as you can.
Start your future now.

This crash course ends on May 12, 2010.

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