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Flu Pandemic

In the year 2011,as a flu pandemic strikes in the United States, a team of bright people come together in a time of trouble to contribute to health of the country.

Considering there was a pandemic I would probably call in all my friends from the college of journalism and communications at the University of Florida.

The objective would be to create awareness so that people in the area are aware of the issue and also to act as a hub to inform people outside of our area what is…


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Mission 10

One social issue that was not discussed directly in Urgent Evoke was climate change. Although many of the issues were interrelated to climate change, it was not directly tackled through Urgent Evoke. I think that this is an important issue that could be discussed.

It would be interesting to see what people would learn if climate change was a part of urgent evoke. Perhaps someone would even come up with a world-changing project to help solve the issue of climate change!

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Mission 4

If I were designing an event for World Water Day in 2020, I would plan it at a college campus like UF. It would be somewhere like Plaza of the Americas where many people pass by. I would display statistics that get people thinking about how much water they use and waste compared to the rest of the world.

For example, for every extra minute you take a shower, this many gallons of water are wasted. This may encourage people to conserve water and to not waste it. I would have several…


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What Happens Next

The next big challenge that the EVOKE network can try to tackle is equality among everyone, no matter what race or background you come from. It can start this in the US. Even though we are further along than most countries, there is still a lot of work to be done to improve. Every kid in school should do this to create change from a young age. I enjoyed using Urgent Evoke and becoming a change agent.

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Mission 8

If I were an elder in my community, I would pass on the advice to take care of your community. Do not expect that it will take care of itself or that someone else in the community will take care of it. Step up, and take care of the community like you would take care of your own home. Clean up the beaches or lakes or go out and pick up trash.

If you take care of the land and nature around you, it will continue to flourish.

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Five Secrets of Crisis Communication

The most important aspect of crisis communication is maintaining the public trust. Once you lose that, it will be extremely difficult to prevent people from panicking and losing control all together.

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Indigenous Knowledge

I think the most important lesson is that when you give people a choice between two things, they will usually chose the better option. You have to give people a chance to show that they can make the right decisions.

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Mission 6

I discovered a positive story when researching the website for this blog post. According to www.unwomen.org, there is an initiative going on in Papua New Guinea where the markets are being made safer for the women vendors and children.

Port Moresby is the location of a market where the vendors are about 80% women. These women were often harassed, were victims of violence, and were also forced to endure inadequate facilities. However, because of…


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Woman in Afghan Politics

The UN is pushing for more woman to be involved in the political scene of the Afghanistan. They want the woman to be meaningfully involved in the political process as that will continue to improve their government and political environment.

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Urgent Evoke

Urgent Evoke is a program designed to help spark ideas and create change in the world. through the use of social networking and blog posting, Evoke plans to set a new future for our planet and the resources that we live off of.

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My story would contain less of a script of dialogue and ideas, and more of specific tasks in society that need completion. I would then ask for volunteers of the Evoke community to go out and accomplish those tasks. completion of said tasks will result in gift cards to certain fast food chains.

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furthering equality

Women in Papua plant roots of independence
Now this is what we should think of when discussing inequality.
Women that are gaining rights for the first time, coming out of slavery and sex trafficking. Women that are access to an education and choices.

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I feel as though Urgent Evoke should focus on fundraising to donate to charities rather than points and blog posts. Through fundraising and donations to charities we can help those in need.

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Online Fund For Flu Virus

I would gather a group of both medical professionals and affirmed business people to start a fund for the flu virus. It is vital that we have abundant vaccines in the future.

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changing water ways

The regional water authority focuses on protecting the water we have. getting water to those who need it is great but we also need to educate people on how to use water wisely and how important it is to protect the water we have. It's not like we can just make more.


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My map to Gainesville

I would add water-bottle refill stations, solar powered bike racks and community bike-share programs to the city of Gainesville. These will greatly take our dependence off of bottled water, as well as reducing our stress on the power grid and decreasing our consumption of gasoline. (Don't forget to add the map)

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Wisdom passed down

When I'm 100 years old, I'm sure that I'll have a lot of wisdom and knowledge to pass down about the local culture and sustainability, but the two pieces that I would want to pass on most are 'live within your means' and 'don't let the little things bother you'. Live within your means simply means that both with resources and monetarily, don't live with what you can't afford or sustain yourself. You need to be able to sustain your lifestyle if you want the world to still be a comfortable…


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drying up

I would create a short film that emphasizes how little usable clean water we have. I would explain what the percentages are of the water we have, and how much water humans need, and how much water the plaint needs. The video would show the effects salt has on living things and what destruction it can cause in excess. It would come with information on how to reduce this issue and where to get more info.

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Calling all local Hero's

The people I would call on if the Flu pandemic hit my part of the world to help mitigate the crisis would be the Boy Scouts of America. We already have an organizational structure within the unit, almost every single youth possesses leadership skills, (as well as most of the adults) and there is a troop in just about every community. They are familiar with the area because they live in the area and so the only learning curve would be a small one in the dissemination of information and…


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Crisis Managment

The insight that stood out most to me was managing panic in a pandemic. Just because you stay calm and those you associate with stay calm when a crisis strikes doesn't mean those around you will. The real danger of a crisis arises not from the crisis itself, but from the fear it insights in people and the response taken to that fear. Being able to control the fear and avoid panic is paramount to good crisis management.

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