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Future Me

What will future me be doing 5 years from today? Where will I be and how would I help Tokyo with a food crisis. Future me will be in the USMC. I am not concerned what rank or what unit I am with. I love the fact that the USMC does humanitarian aid missions very often. As a political scientist this allows for real world experience and practice of what I have learned. I would not picture a Tokyo food crisis without the Marine Corps being in the lead. Hopefully my experiences over the time up…


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For this mission I have decided to choose IAVA as my social role model. I am choosing this organization because I myself am a veteran. The information through this organization that is available about the current issues of mental health and suicide they are working to defeat is great. I will keep up with them through their website and blog IAVA.org.

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Stay Positive

So often we fall short of our ultimate goals because we listen to what others think. Yes I understand feedback is important but often people are downplaying the great ideas we have because they are upset they did not come up with the idea. Focus on your goal then place as much emotional labor into it as you are physical labor. This will give what you are doing a human side and your personality will show through.

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Innovation Comes from Contraint

I like this lesson. It focuses the mind. It makes you use what you have. It does not allow you to make excuses. Because you have little does not mean that you can not create something new. This lessons changes your mindset from one of what is not possible for a range of reasons to one that creates despite limitations based on the pure will of your mind.

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Social innovation mission

I choose "think like a child – children have no limit to their thinking" because as adults we are conditioned to immediately think about what will fail or go wrong with a certain approach and doom ourselves to failure without even trying. To think like a child means that you have inherent optimism that allows you to imagine so many different and creative solutions. The sky is the limit! meaning there is no limit but the ones that you place upon yourself.

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KIVU - The Fijan Woven Mat

In the case of the Fijan traditional culture, its people commonly use and make grass mats by hand. Woven with pandanus leaves, grass mats take an incredibly long time to make and require a very patient hand at the helm. Between scraping and boiling leaves and drying them in the sun, the Fijan people must work diligently to create this cultural staple item. Different grass mats are woven for different occasions, and I think that's the biggest takeaway here. Despite the long and tiresome…


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Nathan Goodman EVOKES Change Around The World


Although we have the mass migrations of 2016 behind us, there is still movement of people around the world, but in a negative and hurtful way. While one crisis was being resolved, another was growing and growing. Illegal human trafficking for labor and sex purposes has become a rampant disease that is beginning to gnaw away at the collective moral compass of society. The source is government corruption which causes for authorities to turn a blind eye. The solution is to…


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Self-sustaining systems

We've all had our laptops on our lap and felt the burning sensation of the bottom of the computer heating up after being used for awhile. We've all had a 45 minute call where by the end of it, our phone is burning in our hands. This is because as electronics are used extensively, energy is converted from a potential state to a kinetic state to power the device. During this process, heat is lost, which is a normal byproduct of energy conversion and use, and that's why your devices get hot.…


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Evoke Manifesto

The goals of the Urgent Evoke network is to tackle various global issues head on with the help of citizen activists. Using the creative ideas of people across the globe, Urgent Evoke is able to think up unconventional ideas and crowdsource for the best possible solutions. The members are cross-generational, borderless champions of the world who join in order to help fight for justice for both people and the environment. By threading a creative comic book storyline throughout the missions,…


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Gainesville Indigenous Secrets of ancient native american burial grounds

In 2,093 I'll be 100 years old and looking back on my time in Gainesville. While working as a reporter for WUFT News, I wrote an article about the Newnans Lake Cypress Preserve (http://www.wuft.org/news/2013/10/07/newnans-cypress-lake-preserve-first-park-to-have-on-site-caretaker/) and explored the diverse ecosystem there. Kevin Ratkus, environmental specialist with the…


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Gainesville 2020 Urban Resilience Map

Gainesville in 2020 has increased solar panels, wind turbines, water cleaning plants and organic farms.

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Dr. Jaime Sloane to the Rescue!

Many, many years ago, our people were attacked by a force that was strong enough to overtake our entire human species...and at one point, we thought they had succeeded. This force was not from space, or our own people. Rather, it was a pandemic flu of the strain TVP-778 that made its way across the sea by avian means. Nearly 50% of the European population perished in the preceding nine months, and our nation was in a chaotic panic. Society was beginning to unravel as businesses were failing,…


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Gainesville Urban Resilience Disaster Plan

Floridians are no strangers to Hurricanes as they serve as the state's leading natural disaster. Gainesville's flagship community college Santa Fe posted a Hurricane Preparation guide on its website which is applicable to all of Gainesville's residents (http://www.sfcollege.edu/Studentlife/index.php?section=hurricane_preparation). Some of the most interesting suggestions which I've personally never…


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Women for Women International graduates lead the way

After raising money in the charitable party we hosted for Women for Women International, the organization empowered so many females across the globe! Now in 2020, the graduates of Women for Women International's Vocational & Life Skills Training for Afghan Women are now community leaders who are fighting for their rights and continuing to thwart off violence. Perhaps most importantly, these women are serving as role models for the younger generations who will accept and encourage…


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***BREAKING NEWS: First Interest-free Bank Opens in Angola - Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation To Thank

***BREAKING NEWS: First Interest-free Bank Opens in Angola - Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation To Thank

Jaime Sloane with Evoke10 News here reporting live from The Philanthrocapital Bank in Luanda, the capital of the African nation Angola. This new type of bank that just opened here in Luanda is not your typical bank. Instead of fleecing customers on interest rates and bank fees, The Philanthrocapital Bank offers interest-free loans and fee-free banking solutions to local rural…


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Instant and Digital Transactions

I think the solution that will make the biggest change in how we use money is in fact an experiment that is already taking place every single day! Instantaneous transfer of money--whether it be to a friend or to a store--will achieve the most efficient means by which to pay for goods and services. Apps like Venmo, PayPal and Square allow you to send money to friends or to pay for items just by typing in an amount and clicking send. No longer having to wait for checks to clear, credit card…


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Palestine Adopts Five UN Human Rights Treaties

The news story I chose was Palestine Adopting Significant Human Rights Treaties (http://www.unmultimedia.org/radio/english/2014/05/palestine-adopts-significant-human-rights-treaties/#.U2kw9q1dVcg). The UN Multimedia article explained how "the State of Palestine is bound by international human rights standards, having brought into force five treaties, with two…


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World Water Day 2020

For World Water Day 2020, I would organize a walkathon to benefit clean water efforts. Each participant would pay a $100 entrance fee and would also be encouraged to take pledges from their friends and families. Before the walkathon kicks off, each participant will be handed their own bottle of water as a United Nations representative gives a speech about how many people around the globe do not have access to what each participant is so easily holding in his or her hands. The walkathon will…


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UNICEF Water Project

In my learning blog post I wrote about UNICEF's Tap Project which raised funds for clean water efforts around the globe. For this mission, I donated more to the UNICEF Water Project and will now be able to track my donation to see exactly how it helps out. I've attached a screenshot of the donation page.…


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Earth Day with solar panels

It's 2020 and I'm 27-years-old living in the solar power mecca of New York City. By nature, New York City's sky-scraping towers and buildings make it the ideal region to run solely off of the power of the sun. We're celebrating earth day by hosting a sunbathing party on the top of my Union Square apartment alongside the building's solar panels. Every person in attendance donated $10 for entry which will go to installing solar panels on the less affluent buildings in the city!

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