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Episode 4 CODE PHRASE: "He who does not know one thing, knows another.”

It's an old Kenyan proverb: "He who does not know one thing, knows
another.” What do you think this code phrase means to the Evoke

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Everyone has something to contribute! :D
Collaboration is of severe importance. Everyone has something to contribute even if it doesn't seem to be that way at first. I agree with Mew.
One of the hardest things to do with a team is to let people find their strengths and do things their way.
In that way - we can all contribute.
I'd hate to hit a aphorism with another aphorism, but it sounds like another good way of saying "Apart, we know nothing -- together, we know everything."

We all have a limited amount of time and brain power on Earth, so we need the help of our peers and comrades to flesh out our knowledge.
It would mean that everyone has something they could do. One person cannot handle all the problems in the world. That's why Evoke is a network. Lots of people can contribute and help, even people with lower intelligence have something to share that others might miss. People with mental illness might see through problems like taking candy from a baby. With all the experiences different people have encountered, none of them are exactly the same.
Collaboration is it. Individually, we are limited but together we can find solutions to issues. Everyone's contribution counts.
i am just reiterating, but there are two phrases that come to mind, two phrases that are cardinal rules of improvisation and therefore everyday life, and those are:




we should LISTEN first, GO WITH a suggestion and build from there or alternatively, say YES and then add more information to build starting with "AND" - as in, "YES, those iodine pills are a great idea, AND we could be preemptive by requiring everyone to have water barrels at home for a minimal price." (referencing another post).
If you don't feel valuable you're not seeing what you know. If you feel someone else is not valuable you're not seeing what they know.
Amanda- that was said beautifully.
This phrase made me remember and realize something I've been wrong about. Working in groups sometime I've thought something like "This person don't contribute to the group" and that's not necesarily true most of the times. I see now that one of the abilities of a leader is to find the best task for every member of the group according to their skills keeping in mind that everyone has something to give.
winner winner chicken dinner. Though some people have nothing but hands to contribute and most of the time isn't enough.

Mew said:
Everyone has something to contribute! :D
It means that the Evoke network is full of many talented members, where if anyone lacks knowledge in one field, he or she might have expertise in another. Thus the summation of all various talents may constitute an efficient network.

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