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Dannielle Boeche's Blog – April 2014 Archive (10)

Mission 10

One social issue that was not discussed directly in Urgent Evoke was climate change. Although many of the issues were interrelated to climate change, it was not directly tackled through Urgent Evoke. I think that this is an important issue that could be discussed.

It would be interesting to see what people would learn if climate change was a part of urgent evoke. Perhaps someone would even come up with a world-changing project to help solve the issue of climate change!

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Mission 4

If I were designing an event for World Water Day in 2020, I would plan it at a college campus like UF. It would be somewhere like Plaza of the Americas where many people pass by. I would display statistics that get people thinking about how much water they use and waste compared to the rest of the world.

For example, for every extra minute you take a shower, this many gallons of water are wasted. This may encourage people to conserve water and to not waste it. I would have several…


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Mission 8

If I were an elder in my community, I would pass on the advice to take care of your community. Do not expect that it will take care of itself or that someone else in the community will take care of it. Step up, and take care of the community like you would take care of your own home. Clean up the beaches or lakes or go out and pick up trash.

If you take care of the land and nature around you, it will continue to flourish.

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Mission 6

I discovered a positive story when researching the website for this blog post. According to www.unwomen.org, there is an initiative going on in Papua New Guinea where the markets are being made safer for the women vendors and children.

Port Moresby is the location of a market where the vendors are about 80% women. These women were often harassed, were victims of violence, and were also forced to endure inadequate facilities. However, because of…


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Mission 5

There are many new innovative ideas being thought up all the time about the future of money. There are cards, apps, and virtual currency being developed, and I think all of these inventions are going to change the future of money. One idea that I thought was especially interesting was found on www.wired.com, and it is called GetGiving.

GetGiving is an app that would allow people to donate amounts of money to charities and organizations easily and…


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Mission 2

According to sustainabletable.org, there are many factors and challenges that cause food insecurity. One of the challenges that was listed was food distribution. According to the site, there is currently enough food produced to feed everyone, but distributing the food is one of the challenges that affect food security.

Another challenge that contributes to food insecurity is the environment and natural disasters. When natural disasters such as droughts occur they affect the…


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Learn 9

When it comes to crisis communication, there was one insight that I had never thought of. The insight "Coming to Terms With Uncertainty" was very interesting to me, as I had never considered this. It would obviously be difficult for a journalist to inform or warn the public about a crisis if there is still uncertainty concerning the crisis. It would be especially difficult if the crisis was something that there was very little research about, as it would not be easy to give the public advice…


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Learn 4

LifeStraw is an awesome innovation that could have the potential to bring millions of people clean drinking water. The straw acts as a filter while it is being used, reducing contaminants that could be life-threatening. LifeStraw is already making a difference by donating an LifeStraw institutional water purifier every time someone purchases a LifeStraw filter. These water purifiers provide a child in Africa with clean drinking water for a wh*** school year.

This innovation is…


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Imagine 3

My favorite holiday is Christmas, and my family ALWAYS decorates a Christmas tree. Some Christmases we even decorate two trees. We also decorate the outside of our house with Christmas lights. In 2020, I imagine that we would have some way to power the Christmas lights using sustainable energy. Maybe we will harness solar energy during the day and that will be enough energy to light up the house and tree all evening.

I would also imagine that there will be a form of sustainable energy…


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Learn 3

A site called springwise.com had a technology listed that was developed by former Apple engineers that learns how to conserve energy. The innovation is called Nest, and it is a smart thermostat that learns about its owners and adapts based on their habits.

The thermostat records the usage and patterns of the owners, and learns where it can make changes in order to save energy. For instance, if the owner of the house always turns off the air before going to work Monday-Friday, but…


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