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Organism Team Info

(agent) Geoff Matheson - Concept Artist and Team Leader

(agent) Gabriel Martin - Education Visionary and Team Leader

(agent) Daniel LaLiberte - Programming Expert and Team Leader

(agent) Michele Baron - Communication Expert and Team Leader

Rob Desmeres - Finance

Neal Burd*** - Interactive Design

Erik Lund - Print/Brand Design

Our team would like to be considered for all prizes available. However the prize that our team would benefit from the most would be mentorship.

Geoffrey Matheson (wintermute) is requesting a mentorship with Dan Morris

Gabriel Martin is requesting a mentorship with Erik Hersman

For more information and to join the effort please visit our site: http://www.wiserearth.org/group/Organism

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Comment by Bongumusa on May 16, 2010 at 11:50am
We need to consider the Cost vs The Benefit when taking another option. But all in all, I like your vision "Only members can be able to access your Project" How can external parties can see that we have an excellent and incredible work that we perform so that they can be interested and join us to the journey of changing the world around? I think that we don't need any "Prohibitions when performing our work". We are a social network which aims to discuss social issues.
Comment by Wintermute on May 16, 2010 at 11:56am
Wow, what a great flurry of comments, it might take us a while to get to them --i don't even know how I am awake right now, but I will definitely reply to each comment.
Comment by Wintermute on May 16, 2010 at 12:03pm
@ Jeremy -- Thanks for the comment, this just what I wanted. Interesting POV on the power increase of the point system. I generally don't like to debate people when they kindly answer a question you have posed---but if I may further explain my reasoning for this idea: It is important to note that unlike evoke there is no coming to the party late, this party never ends. I see that users who were highly rated enough on the network would represent the "will of the people" so in a way giving them 10 votes would be like raising them to game runner statues, or mentor. I do the the possibility for negative self/friend reinforcing loops, but maybe when a user gets to that status, we the administration, can extend the offer of game runner and give them the extra votes after they accept.
Comment by Wintermute on May 16, 2010 at 12:29pm
---on an aside--- When I use visual language to describe this site, that is because the wh*** site will be visually represented, this will make sense when we release the formal proposal, srry to make you wait--
Comment by Wintermute on May 16, 2010 at 12:43pm
@ Samiran -- Your turn -- You hit the nail on the head when you said "It will be useful to make three kinds, an open project(anyone can join), a moderated one(You need requirements, and need to be 'approved' to join) and a secret one(Invisibe to everyone),(like facebook groups)
" The key is that this system is completely self organising. Also no project would be able to be invisible, but it is possible to have multiple levels of heirarchy. So as the creator of a project I could create projects within that project that only certain groups within the main group have access to. I had written out a wh*** example of how this might be useful, but then it was deleted, I am sure you can imagine a senario where this would be useful.
Comment by Wintermute on May 16, 2010 at 1:15pm
In regards to kicking people out--yes, self organizing. The reason I though that the +1[create your own category] might be nice is that I don't think it would be possible to plan for all of the different type of categories of abilities. Here on evoke the focus is limited to humanitarian projects so
I think the system works well, but I wouldn't want to make the feedback as basic as +1 (or maybe i would hmmmm (thinking)).

Interesting idea about the points, Have to think about that. It sounds good but every game will be played and the point is to reduce the harmful effects without spending too much time worring about it

minus points had also been on the table, I am happy to open the discussion up again, although I think the team over here decided that negative points could be used for malice.

@ - Nick, right off the bat I love you but i HATE annoimity. It allows people to feel no repocussions for their thoughts, comments or reactions. So unless someone can convince me that I am wrong on that front, it won't happen

the wh*** point system needs to be fleshed out because it is one of the carrots in the network
so thank you guys for debating the issue. This afternoon our group is having another web meetup
and we will debate this point once again ^_^

The thing about the point system is that it can be gamed from every different angle, I suppose
to limit the powering yourself, you could create a system that would make it too much work to do that looping.

I hate to spend time on the negative so many possitive things to work on.

@ Omri- Well the hopes is that a bands project page might get 500000 views a day if they use it like some bands use their myspace pages. Good suggestions will run them over with the team

@ everyone who loves it but doesn't know how to contribute. Please PLease Please help us figure out the point system--Im crowd sourcing it, because its too much for a small group of people to reason all the way out.

Oh btw this the orignal list of catagories that users could recieve PP in

also there were two other catagories that were automatically calculated, time spend active on the network and your networking skill (which would be a number derived from the number of friends divided by the number of those friends that you stay in contact with) so someone with a high netoworking score would have a lot of friends that they remain in contact with, and a low score would be someone who has a lot of friends but does not stay in contact with any of them.

please join in the discussion
Comment by Miaomiao Huang on May 16, 2010 at 2:28pm
Comment by A.V.Koshy on May 16, 2010 at 3:20pm
dear wintermute - i am commenting on this for the simple reason that some of the ideas here are appealing while others are not - please don't take this as trolling or griefing
it is neither
have you heard of a band called genesis
they produced their best owrk with peter gabriel and then when he left for a while the space of three albums they went on somewhat well then they shifted into being a highly popular wildly successful band playing music that won't pass the test of time but they sure made a lot of money, same thing happened to peter gabriel meanwhile but to a lesser extent...
long analogy but what i'd like to say is when we move on form evoke into whatever we're doing next the evoke hangover may or may not be a good thing
i'm talking specifically of the points system you want to reintroduce and retain
who is the audience you are trying to attract with it?
high achievers?
those who want to climb a network ladder?
those who want popularity?
those who want competition and also to get word out to others that their work matters?
a mix of all these things probably,
and with what intention?
best known to you three
my point is that you could think of an entirely different but more exciting way of representing gains made by those on the network than the one suggested- many other ways in fact
to prove my point and assure you that i am not speaking idly i will give oyu one way of doing it which is only an example - i could easily think of several other ways
but here's one
suppose i join organism
if instead of points etc...
you make it a visual growth game connected to the advance made by the participant on the network by giving him the chance to be an avatar and seeing his earned rewards come up around him as a kind of world that he inhabits as in a good 3D game
the best participants would inhabit a owrld that others could see at one glance as intersting or wealthy or creative or whatever...
suppose he, the newcomer/i launches a project
at first there's only me in this 3d representation maybe standing on a small open field with the project as a tiny additive of some kind a dop in the field that i can make into any object i like - may be a seed, a baby dragon or a baby trex or something
ican do this becasue you supply me the tools as mentioned earlier
now let's say i get three ppeople to join me on the project
form outside
you give me some other representation ican use for that
maybe i get an office
in the early stages getting people to join form outside will be considered a plus, definitely
as my project develops in each stage of its planning, and my blog posts increase , as do my pics and videos and file shares and participation and as more and more people fomr inside the network become connected to me and fomro utside
the 3d repersentation would show my increasing reputation and prestige simply by what you guve me to build up my world and laso what i can buy sell or trade or barter or exchange or give and get as gifts fomro others to build it up
so when new people come ot the site if they want to find the interesting project htey don't look for prestige points
they just visit what i could build as a result of what i achieved or didn't and they can instantly figure out if they are interested in my real work behind this virtual world of mine and how that is progressing
well the danger is people may concentrate only on the virtual world they can build but thats their problem
they may also in the process create unexpected spin off that may gain them prestigein their real world too and also help the network itself as a wh***
my point is the authority of the game admins work here not as force but as creativity and the game players - i'm returning to evoke language here sorry/hangover time - get also the equal share to participatein buiding their own world to show why they are significant to somebody else
the prestige - the word you use instead of power - is split
i dont want to quote second life or facebook games to prove my point
i think ideas stand on their own and dont need to be buttressed
well long feedback
Comment by Samiran Roy on May 16, 2010 at 3:20pm
" I don't think it would be possible to plan for all of the different type of categories of abilities."

Why not?
Comment by A.V.Koshy on May 16, 2010 at 4:05pm
too many categories and too many abilities
of course humans love classification and proclaiming eureka we found the ultimate simple structure of classification but they also love change and so it keeps chaging


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