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Ok, I assisted someone in my hometown by becomig self -sufficient I acted on the fact that they didn't have enough food to eat and weren't able to send their children to school.

It all started when I was walking home in the heat of the day where I came across a shirtless swazi boy running toward me smiling and waving. Little did I know that he hadn't had much to eat the entire day, I only found this out when I walked with him home and give him what had been left over from school. The situation at his home broke my heart to a point where I started feeling bad about myslelf!! I then decided then and there that I wanted to make a difference in this family's life. (Mom unemplyed and three siblings)

So lucky for me the next day my mom was going to the store to buy seedlings for our garden at home so I capitilised on the idea and asked her to take my allowance for the week and buy seedlings like oinions, spinach, cabbage, tomatoes and green peppers. So I went and visited this family again and told then what I wanted to do for them.......I was so happy when they agreed to go ahead with the project so what happened was that I went out and started preparing he ground with their help of course.It was so fun because everyone was just so interested in what I was up to so with the sun beating down on us we eventually completed the task of preparing the ground for the seedlings.(It took about two days to do this) Then what happened was we sowed the seeds into the ground and in order to keep them from drying out we got some old two litre plastic containers with their caps still on and made h***s on the caps filled the containers with water and put them into the ground. Basically what this does was to be efficient about the use of water as there where water shortages at the time so water dripped out in just the right quanity(seemingly). I read that the local sugar cane growers used drip irrigation so I decided to use the same concept but improvising using old containers. Another thing was that we needed fertiliser so we went to a local poultry farm and asked if we could possibly use the chicken droppings. The owner greatly obliged because he mentioned that he had so much waste he didn't know how to deal with it so lucky for our veggies we got the chicken manure!

After some time and good nurturing of the vegetable field we started seeing the fruits of our labours this was in the form of white healthy onions, dark green sinach leaves, fully formed cabbages, tomatoes and the green peppers. It was so nice to know that through all that toil in the beginning such occured.............So harvest time was just around the corner and I could see the excitement build up in this family that really had nothing!!!! I remeber having to chastise the young ones that they shouldn't pick unripe vegetables wait, patience.......Patience is certainly what you would call it!

The day came when I picked the first vegetables from our patch/field. They looked so healthy I suppose it was the fertiliser and all the weeding we did on the patch. The spinach was beautifully green, tomatoes bright red and juicy and all the vegetables were lookig so tempting!! We waited as we prepared the first meal, the anticipation biting into my stomach I couldn't believe that it had been a wh*** planting season and it was allmost over. When I saw everyone eating I gazed into the eyes of that boy who not so long ago touched my life and changed it forever! I couldn't stop, I smiled the entire day and week. Every time I thought about what I had contributed to them it was an inspiration to myself to do more for the development of Africa by africans.

Oh by the way because of the very good harvest the family sold the surplus produce and it enabled them to sustain their livelyhood. I knew that I was not only do something for their gratification but rather for the fact that I was empowering them to empower others into doing the same.I also managed to secure a scholarship for the siblings who didn't go to school!! In my life I know that from that time my life was destined and was given a purpose to do what I can to develop africa and assist people by alleviating poverty.

I am just glad that evoke has come on to the scene and is teaching people about the issues facing the world!! And also by developing thinkers and possible social entrepreneurs to provide solutions to these probems.

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Comment by Yemisi Ajumobi on April 13, 2010 at 3:07pm
Wow!! What a wonderful story Grant. It just goes to show that the issue of food security goes a very long way and is inter-connected with other critical aspects of development. Thanks for sharing this.
Comment by Grant Davis on April 13, 2010 at 3:09pm
It certainly is!!!!


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