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UPDATE: As of 30 Mar 2010 0200 GMT, Round 1 has ended and the results are posted!
This discussion thread will remain open for now, but the round is complete. Thanks to everyone who participated, and watch for Round 2.

Fourteen thousand global agents. Ten thousand blog posts. Twenty four hundred photos and almost a thousand videos. And counting.

Agents, we have a problem. As Alchemy has written: 

"EVOKE was conceived as a crash-course in changing the world.  It is a chance to showcase the kind of resourceful innovation and creative problem-solving that is happening today in sub-Saharan Africa and other developing regions, and to collectively imagine how the lessons from those scenarios can transfer, scale, and ultimately benefit the entire planet."

The resourcefulness, creativity and collective wisdom of the network is here. I know it and so do you. But it is hard to find, and many of our agents know it is hard to be found. Our emergent strengths are hidden within, and we must discover them. This is a hard problem, so let's EVOKE it!

I challenge and welcome you to Round 1 of the EVOKE Treasure Hunt!

Round 1 Objective: Discover and doc**ent high quality original evidence posted by Agents with fewer than 100 power votes, who are playing from the continents of Africa and South America.

How To Play: Find evidence that meets the objective for this round. Doc**ent your discovery in a reply on this discussion thread. Provide the Agent's EVOKE name and the URL of the evidence you are highlighting, along with any explanatory comments you think are necessary.

How Do I Win? The win condition for this challenge is that the entire EVOKE network gets smarter and stronger. You help to achieve this simply by discovering and sharing outstanding original evidence from other players. You personally will receive social capital in proportion to your contributions, and you may also occasionally receive power votes from various Agents.

Just A Few Rules:
1. In this round we are looking only for original evidence created by Agents. Original blog posts, photos and videos are great. We do not want to see evidence that is copied, quoted, or embedded from some other source. 
2. No spamming. We are seeking high quality evidence. Agents who spam the treasure hunt will receive negative social capital.
3. You can discover yourself. If you and your evidence meet the criteria for this round, you are welcome to share it.

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In looking at the profile of Agent Thabiso, it looks like there's a code problem, and his blog posts aren't showing up in the left sidebar. If you scroll down to his Evidence list, though, you discover a straight-from-the-heart blog post about his vision for a better future, including his comment: about the " 'strategy of each one teaching one' " refers to us as individuals, having significant unique and specials skills that no one else has being able to share those skills with our fellow peers and friends, that way we empowering each other in terms of skill development". We do each have something useful and important and unique to offer others, no matter who we are...
Doh! Sorry guys, I removed it and will put relevant links up as I find them! I'm so bad at following directions!

Turil Cronburg said:
Nicholas, none of those people are from Africa or South America.

Also, the links for the first and third posts on your list got cut off somehow, and don't work.

They are very, very good posts, though! :-)
[self plug] When looking for evidence, try the improved search. ^_^
Puleng Moloi - http://www.urgentevoke.com/profiles/blogs/increase-food-security-fo...
She has made awareness pamphlets describing how to grow backyard gardens, share with her community, and prevent monkeys from eating the fruits of her labor!
Go for it Pana! There are at least 200 agents in S. America and over 1000 in Africa, and yes I know many are not activated (perhaps sleeper cells of positivity?). I hope that when the network discovers more of their hidden treasures, these players will be more energized to play. A virtuous circle begins with the small actions of a few like yourself.


Panamericana said:
With the very little members from Africa and South America that there is in EVOKE, and the fact that most members just sign up and contribute little, plus the 100 points limit, I doubt we are gonna find many high quality, original evidence. But I will try none the less.
Oh man, did they start paying you to make sure I follow the rules Panamericna?! Hehehe, the funniest part is I'm trying! Thanks, I deleted and will try ONCE AGAIN!

Panamericana said:
She has way over 100 points.

Nicholas Nagao said:
I recently found this blogger in Kenya

shakwei - From Kenya, this is the first post I read of hers, and I am hooked. It's so much more interesting for me to hear it from someone that is there and then I can relate to in some of her other posts which make me forget where she is.

This was the blog that helped me find her:
Nice finds, Agents Cronburg, Cline and Panamericana. You have understood the spirit of the hunt exactly.

Agent Nagao, good effort and I will look for your next discoveries. As Alchemy always tells me, RTFM ;-D

As Dr. Fruchter says, "Use the search, Luke" http://evoke.redct.info/search/
Perhaps if there was a way to order members by join date it would make it easier to find these treasures consistently as they come in once we've mined for them initially :)
Ok - your idea sent me to Durbin, South Africa and the page of this person.

She was speaking about food security and sharing food. Good idea! As usual on this site, I am thrilled with and by the people participating. Moments later to be making dinner
Mrs Hanson said:
Ok - your idea sent me to Durbin, South Africa and the page of this person. http://www.urgentevoke.com/profile/PulengMoloi?xg_source=activity
She was speaking about food security and sharing food. Good idea! As usual on this site, I am thrilled with and by the people participating. Moments later I was making dinner and wished we could sit down together.

Inspiration! Could we record our meals on a given day (real food, no big macs) then post someplace? The next thing would be to find an ingredient that may be unfamiliar or just not a usual part of our own diet and incorporate it into a meal that we would eat in our own home. Then share what we chose, what we did, and how we liked it. I'm not trying to start a cooking school here, but food is basic to all of us. Seems we may get to know more about life in another part of the world quickly.

OK, just a thought. Feed back welcome.
Hey fellow Agents. Hope you will take a moment to check out Adebayo Oyeniyi's blog. He writes short posts but great ideas.
Please also look at Ternura Rochas's blog. She is from Bolivia.

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