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Episode 2.1: Children's Rights
"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men." ~Frederick Douglass
"We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today." ~Stacia Tauscher

Synopsis: the social activism focus is on children's rights. this episode introduces all new characters and their connection to Urgent Evoke. it also reveals the decentralized nature of Urgent Evoke, as well as the different roles among agents.

Characters: Manna, Scope, Princess, Nomad


PANEL A: wide shot of a room, 2/3 to 3/4 of the wh*** page. the room itself is well lit and in warm earth-tones. photos and sculptures line the walls, some with Spanish written on them. it should be a stark contrast to Alchemy's abode. the camera is set in the opposite top corner of the room from the desk and computer screens, looking over the shoulder of a woman. the woman is dressed in layers of earth-tone clothing in a multicultural bohemian look. her face is tanned and with soft angles, with dark brown shoulder-length hair and piercing green eyes. the computer screens take up the wall, with a larger one in the center, and display news and Urgent Evoke agents around the world.

Text: Location: Unknown

Intro Text: Urgent Evoke network covers the earth. The true numbers of Urgent Evoke agents are unknown. this is the story of another cell and their relationship with Alchemy's cell. This is Manna, another Urgent Evoke dispatcher, like Alchemy. While any agent can respond to any Evoke, dispatchers keep a database of the capabilities and locations of agents. They use this information to form small groups according to the needs of the Evoke.

PANEL B: medium shot of with Manna's face on the right, set against the screens. the 'Evoke' alert is flashing across the largest screen.

Manna (thoughtful): Time to make a difference.



PANEL A: close-up of main screen. a middle-aged, graying Korean man in a classic suit is in the middle of the screen; his tie pin is that of South Korea. he is closely flanked by a much older proper-looking Korean woman in a conservative suit and white hair in a neat bun. their eyes and body language display a bit of sadness and concern despite their muted smiles.

Manna (off panel): Greetings and good day Mr. President, Madame Minister.

President: I am honored that you have received my message. There is a dire situation concerning children in the North, and our hands are tied by the current stipulations of our treaty. We have done what we can, condemning them in public statements and sending diplomats, with no results.

Minister: However, we cannot stand so close by and do nothing while children suffer. I have used Urgent Evoke in the past, and hope that you will be open to hearing the problem.

PANEL B: similar shot as A. the Minister of Health has a small device that controls their visual feed, which she is looking at. there is now a medium sized inset in the screen, displaying a picture of heavily-armed soldiers menacing 14-18 year old students.

President: The North Korean government has declared a sort of martial law in all schools. students can no longer bring any personal effects to school, including pictures, non-curriculum books and phones. they are now subject to regular body searches. discussing non-curriculum subjects is now prohibited. protests are not allowed on university campuses.

PANEL C: similar shot as B. the smaller picture now shows protesters at a campus being bombarded by smoke grenades. the Minister is now looking straight ahead again.

Manna (off panel): I read about this. I had hoped that the new government that took over after the fall of the Kim regime would continue to be progressive.

Minister: Indeed. The previous leaders of this new government had opened up the country, and together we made much progress in our treaties. Yet, North Korea is still quite unstable, and the leadership of the country changes often.

PANEL D: medium shot, Manna is standing on the right side of the panel, looking thoughtfully at the screen.

Manna: I understand. What triggered this change in policy?

President: They are claiming that it is a response to terrorist threats for the protection of the students. However, we have heard that it has more to do with the rise of opposition parties.

Minister: In any case, what they are doing to those children is inexcusable. the children are effectively being held hostage, so their parents are afraid to speak out.

PANEL E: close-up on Manna's face, lit by the screen.

Manna: i cannot promise miracles, but we will see what we can do.

President (off panel): We appreciate any help that you can provide. Thank you.

PANEL F: close-up of computer screen with profiles of agents.

Manna (off panel): this will require hands both firm and delicate.



PANEL A: wide shot of a man speaking at the front of a room full of people of various ages sitting at desks; a few hands are raised. he has short green-streaked hair and a long goatee, and is dressed in business casual goth/indie clothing. a computer screen is projected on the wall behind him.

Text: Location: Hong Kong

Nomad: ... and that's how to create a cheap and easy monitoring and filtering system for rainwater pollution. Any questions?

PANEL B: medium shot, focus on Nomad and persons A and B with raised hands.

Person A: Are you sure it will work on our computers?

Nomad: Yes. The software that we are providing is open source and platform independent. the hardware plans are also open source and platform independent, and can be built from many different pieces.

Person B: how do you know this will work?

Nomad: I designed and implemented this in my home town with excellent results, then the surrounding area. I would not bring plans that I had not yet tested.

PANEL D: Closer shot. Nomad is reaching for something buzzing in his pocket.

Nomad: Well, that's all for today. You can contact me or any of the other volunteers if help is needed.

PANEL E: Closer shot. Nomad is looking at a small phone screen as he walks out of the room.

Nomad (voice lowered): Well hello there Urgent Evoke.

PANEL F: close shot, over the left shoulder of Nomad, looking at the screen. Manna is on the screen.

Manna: I have something for you, and it concerns two things that i know are dear to you; North Korea and children.

Nomad: You have my full attention.



PANEL A: wide shot of a man hanging prints in a dark room with a satisfied look on his face. he is tall, handsome and clothed casually, with a vest full of pockets. his eyes are light green and dancing, his black hair and beard cut short.

Text: Location: Turkey

Scope (Kurdish): The villains can lie, but these pictures will not.

PANEL B: closer shot of some of the pictures. Scope is visible on the right side of the frame.

Scope (Kurdish): These three politicians are clearly accepting bribes from two desperate and failing corrupt companies.

PANEL C: focus on Scope, determined look.

Scope (Kurdish): The people must know the truth. The danger was worth the results.

PANEL D: Shot from outside the dark room, as Scope is leaving the room. His wife is waiting not far away.

Wife (Kurdish): You have been in there for so long. Was there a problem?

Scope (Kurdish): None at all, except that there are so many pictures.

PANEL E: A close shot of Scope hugging his wife. Both are happy and laughing a bit.

Scope (Kurdish): I am sorry, I will try not to lose track of time.

Wife (Kurdish): I know how you get about these things.

PANEL F: still hugging. Scope is looking down, hand beginning to pull out a buzzing phone.

Scope (Kurdish): Speaking of which, Urgent Evoke duty calls.



PANEL A: wide shot of a lavish party, attended by royalty, diplomats and business owners. In the center of the shot sits an obviously bored woman in a stylish purple dress. she is very cute-pretty with blonde hair and blue eyes. she is sitting next to a pleasant and somewhat overweight man with a head of curly red hair.

Text: Location: Monaco

PANEL B: closeup of the woman and man. the woman is rolling her eyes, the man has a slightly shocked look on his face.

Princess (whispering, French): Do I really have to be here?

Advisor (whispering, French): Of course, my lady. You created this charity, after all.

PANEL C: similar to B, Princess looking listless.

Princess (whispering, French): I know, but I just feel so useless here, Claude. I should be on the ground, working.

Claude (whispering, French): If not for you, the people would not have come to this fund raiser. Surely you can put up with one night.

PANEL D: Medium shot. A couple of well-dressed people pause at the table of Princess and Claude.

Person A (English): What a wonderful and beautiful event. Thank you.

Person B (English): Yes, everything is quite nice.

Princess (English): You are too kind.

PANEL E: Medium shot. The couple have left.

Princess (whispering, French, sarcastic): Yeah, that's what this is all about.

Claude (whispering, French): They aren't all so bad. At least they are giving. Anyways, perhaps they will learn from their participation.

PANEL F: Closer shot of Princess. She is reaching into her backpack, looking at a buzzing phone.

Princess (whispering, French): Speaking of participation, Urgent Evoke is calling.



PANEL A: Wide full page shot of Manna's room. Nomad, Scope and Princess are each on a different screen in the room.

Manna: I have briefed each of you on the situation in North Korea. Brainstorm time.

Nomad: I am familiar with North Korea and have some links in the communities. i will try to set up some 'community gathering places' that will serve as places for children and young people to speak their minds. I think some civil disobedience is in order as well.

Scope: I will make sure that whatever happens, I or someone I trust will be there to record it, despite the limits to journalism in North Korea. I think there may be more to this as well; I will try to dig deeper and see what I can find.

Manna: Sounds like a good start, but look out for yourselves. We also don't want to destabilize such a young government.

Princess: I'm going to send in some people from a charity that I own in Taiwan to help in any way possible. Should I bring this problem into the open as well? I can make some public appearances and speak about it, while also making a diplomatic visit.

Manna: I like the diplomatic visit idea, but publicly speaking out will have to be handled very carefully.

Nomad: I can provide some insight into the culture if you want to speak out.

Manna: I think we have a good start. Stay in contact and keep thinking of new ideas.



PANEL A: a collage of Manna, Scope, Princess and Nomad at work.

Text: What do you know about children's rights around the world? What can you do to improve the conditions and treatment of children?

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