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Phonographs and Records of History

i believe that lasting knowledge media should be both rugged and carry as much information as possible. instead of making a record of a specific piece of knowledge, i decided to try to make an artifact that can keep any type of knowledge. i decided to make a portable, hand-powered phonograph.

old wind-up/crank phonographs (record players) that are… Continue

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UE Season 2: Another World

Episode 2.1: Children's Rights
"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men." ~Frederick Douglass
"We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today." ~Stacia Tauscher


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Urgent Evoke Open Manifesto

Urgent Evoke is an ever-evolving entity; nothing is set in stone. Urgent Evoke is owned by the agents, and will reflect the current attitudes and philosophies of the agents.

0) the 'Evoke' - anyone can send an 'Evoke' call to Urgent Evoke. an 'Evoke' is a request for help that is sent to the Urgent Evoke network. agents will work together to solve 'Evokes'.

1) independent - Urgent Evoke is independent of nationality, politics and location. agents…

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Collecting Secrets

i am a very nomadic person. i haven't lived anywhere for more than a few years, and i do not know where i will end up if i manage to reach 100 years of age. however, i have a love of learning, and have tried to pick up indigenous skills and knowledge in my travels. some are unique to a region; others i have observed in several places.

1) global secrets: secrets that are independent of any particular location.

a) 6 years growth,…

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Austin, TX - Resiliency in 2020

my resiliency improvements for Austin, Texas, USA is in 5 parts. most of my plans are based around redundancy and charity. there is also a major focus on the local community; localized centers give people a direct connection to sources that often seem out of touch. all of these will be networked to each other in a fully connected graph.

1) medical care

while there are several hospitals around, they would be insufficient to deal…

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Hazmat Parkour Corps

so it has finally happened. an actual pandemic has reached my little area of the world. Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, Amnesty International, various government organizations and other entities have been trying to contain the outbreak. however, the virus is still spreading.

a vaccination has already been created. however, fear-mongering by certain government officials and major news outlets have worsened the crisis in a number of ways. the roads are filled with cars…

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Godling, Guardian or Guide

a person (or group) with some form of ownership in an area can interact with other residents in 3 ways.

The Godling

the Godling acts as the undisputed owner and master of the area. they enforce the rules as they see fit, and their actions cannot be questioned. they believe that they alone know what is best for the area and the people. the Godling exhibits a deep sense of hierarchal order, elitism and entitlement similar to Confucianism and 'The…

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UE Next: My Vision

Urgent Evoke has been an interesting experiment with fusing Web 2.0 with social activism. while i believe that the World Bank's reasons for funding this are FAR less than honorable, i believe that UE has some very positive results because of the wonderful community that it now consists of.

A) WHICH great challenges and social problems should the EVOKE Network tackle next?

1) Corruption in Government - most people just tell me, 'good…

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Ethics in Journalism: Abusing Risk

every piece of journalism carries a certain amount of risk, which is divided into hazard and outrage. Peter Sandman clearly and accurately describes and demonstrates the difference between hazard and outrage.…


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My Evokation

FairShare: Community Charity/NGO/NGO Community Barter/Trade Website (work in progress)

The Place:
this project focuses on local communities, and will be worldwide.


The Challenge:
this project will support the work of local charities/NGO/NPO. it will also assist with the development of new groups within the community. smaller and newer…

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Indigenous Knowledge and Modern Science

traditions and modern inventions are not necessarily incompatible. while harmful customs and notions must be changed or destroyed, the many positive aspects of a culture can be used and adapted to work with modern techniques and technologies. for instance, Chinese medicine tongue diagnosis is now being used in western medicine.

the Nganyi people of Kenya…

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Censorship versus Freedom in Urgent Evoke

censorship is the absolute enemy of freedom. censorship is a weapon used by corrupt governments, cowardly corporations and conservative extremists to SILENCE dissent, restrict INFORMATION and enforce their 'morals'. simply take a look at the extreme on-going cases of Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia and China. even in places with laws protecting FREE SPEECH, the battle is on-going.

the arguments for censorship consists of sheltering people and children from 'inappropriate'…

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Final Crash and the Community Trading Post

ten years has seen some major changes in the ideas surrounding money and currency. after what is now called the 'Final Crash' of 2018, people finally decided to end the affair with the stock market and unstable trading/currencies. the currencies of individual countries had fluctuated to the point that they were no longer even usable. companies that relied heavily on stock value collapsed. the 'too big to…


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Austin, TX - Resiliency A****sment

Austin, TX is quite an interesting city; it's also the capital of Texas. it does not surprise me that there are quite a few projects on urban resiliency, both government and independent.

City of Austin - Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Austin Sustainability…

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Resiliency, HAM Radio and Major Disasters

one of the most important actions that must happen in a major disaster is communication. information must be both delivered to a wide area and be aggregated into meaningful data.

Ushahidi is an innovative and useful system. however, a system is only as resilient as the systems it relies upon. what happens when the phone lines and mobile phone towers are not working (as is the case with many disasters)? perhaps we should be considering lower tech… Continue

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Secret of Missing EVOKE Powers and Social Activism

the EVOKE 'powers' just seem suspect to me, with the fact that the World Bank is sponsoring Urgent Evoke. many of the 'powers' focus on invention and capitalism. people have been involved in entrepreneurship for centuries; however, many of the worst problems don't go away by throwing money at them.

it seems to me that there are several ideas at the HEART of social activism that are not present in the EVOKE 'powers'.


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The Future of Gender Equality

what i really want to see is a complete equality in rights and a freedom from stereotyped gender roles. 10 years hasn't been quite enough time for that to happen, but the tide keeps building.

most of the laws that been preventing women from voting, owning land, running businesses and other fundamental rights have been repealed. in the countries where women have been especially targeted and repressed, laws have been put into place both to protect women and to punish…

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Final End to Water Profiteering

we finally decided to send our most ambitious and widespread message yet. this is news of one year later.

through the efforts of social activists, people had been slowly learning about the issues surrounding water security. methods for finding, cleaning and distributing have both become better and cheaper through inventions and charities.

one major ROOT of the problem still remained, however. while water quality has improved and the amount of…

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Water Conservation and Security

as has been pointed out, there is so little actually usable water in the world. along with efforts to make sure that people have free or cheap access to water, some of us must also look at ourselves. for those of us like myself that live in the parts of world that use the most water, we must REDUCE our use of water.

in truth, i feel guilty every time i take a shower, because i know that many people don't have clean water to live on, let alone bathe…

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Reducing Energy Use: Why This Must Happen First

we simply must reduce the amount of energy we are consuming, especially those of us like myself that live in the worst offending countries. why?

world consumption of energy is projected to grow by as much as 44% by some sources.

at the current growing rate of consumption, it will become impossible to power…

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