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Evoke Official Ongoing Projects Thread( All Ongoing Projects Go Here)

Evoke Official Ongoing Projects Thread

Special thanks to Ternura and her list of submitted/going to be submitted Evokations.

Ok, No one is submitting projects anymore,
So I am going to complete the entire list myself.

It is going to be a drag, but I got the Hero of the Week for it.
I am terrible at writing descriptions. If you would like to change anything, message me.

Evoke 1.5
An evolved Evoke-style platform for teachers and others.
Creator: Chris Ke Sihai

E4E/Evoke Forever
EVOKE Forever has been created for us to EVOKE. To allow people to continue to come together, share knowledge on the World, World issues, discuss, co-ordinate and make real things happen, voluntarily yet with a professional potential. Our edge: Voluntary- By the people-For the People. Believing in the Global Citizen.
Creator: Radhika Darbari

EVOKE: Internet for Peace
Creator: MoE

Evoke Statistics
Creators: MoE and Elastika

Delta Team
Panamericana's Ning Network of Evoke's Special Forces
Creator: Panamericana

Donating old phones in developing countries to save lives
Creator: MoE

http://www.urgentevoke.com/profiles/blogs/evokekiva-update-steaming (this is the current newsletter which will be updated in new blog posts)
A team of EVOKE agents using the microfinance web site Kiva.org to lend to entrepreneurs in developing countries. We have a weekly newsletter and operate both on Kiva and EVOKE, raising awareness of the benefits of microfinance and actively participating in it.
Creator: Riko Kamachi

Urgent Evoke Wiki is a collaborative website about the ARG, Urgent Evoke by Jane McGonigal and people from across the world that anyone can edit!
Creator: MoE

Evoke Administration Community Challenge
I wish to utilize the networking/administrative talents of agents for whom the micro-challenges in the game might be unfulfilling.
Creator: Chris Frueh

Ecological Unit
Remaking the way people share and distribute planting information into a more usable and searchable format.
Creator: Ursula Kochanowsky

OUR Farm Network
Since OUR is a very big project I decided to make it 4 Evokations. These Evokations are OUR Evokations so feel free to join any of them in OUR Team!!!
Creator: Patricio Buenrostro-Gilhuys

Learning Centers for Rural Afghan Women in Herat
No education has been available to women and girls in the western province of Herat, for the last decade under the Taliban regime. Donate a small amount to this cause and make a tangible difference to thousands of Afghan women and girls.
Creator: Ben

Trying to show people how to use their social network to promote important ideas
Creator: Nicholas Nagao

Evoke Chat Test[Complete]
Ideas on bringing chat to Evoke.
Creator: Samiran Roy

A Four Season Discovery in Sustainable Living
Date of completion:Ongoing
Creators: Crystal Bellar and Wintermute

Gratitude Gardens
Gratitude Gardens will be combination social enterprise incubators, living seed banks, and community gathering spaces. Their goal is to give thanks for the gifts of those who came before us, and to create something future generations will be grateful to us for.
Creator: Nick Heyming

Charge my laptop
Creating a Wind Powered Laptop
Creator: Wintermute

Global Community Gardening Network
A global service, a web site, or federation of coordinated sites, that will help everyone around the world build more of these community-level gardens
Creator: Daniel La Liberte

A Yard sharing community: ...to enable everyone who wants to grow and learn to grow food to do so inexpensively and quickly.
Creator: Liz Mc Lellan

Solar Power With a Twist
An improvement on solar power installations for homes, targeted towards ease of use and maintenance and without removing the standard power grid.
Creator: Julio Cesar Corona Ortega

Society-changing MMO
MMORPG project designed to be as commercial as possible, but raising awareness to social and world issues through veiled lessons embedded in game mechanics
Creator: Julio Cesar Corona Ortega

Binikou ~ The Human Powered School Evokation
"Where humans of all ages are supported in learning about, creating and teaching simple, practical ways to power our bodies and use our bodies for power."
Creator: Turil Cronburg

Embrace Knowledge Share/empowerment
Description: Project to reverse engineer a cool idea which was recently demo'd but isn't being rolled out fast enough, and make available all
the information needed to enable people who need it to do it themselves.
Creator: Chris Ke Sihai

Win the Planet
Building the first online not-for-profit global lottery dedicated to sustainability
Creator: Alexandru Ragalie

Indigenous Knowledge Database
A database which will hold indigenous knowledge. Including dying languages, histories, cultures, customs and more.
Creator: Meira Datiya

Let's create our way to greater mental health.
"Providing therapeutic self-help with an interactive therapy CD and social networking site."
Creator: Abby Krieger

Hajj For Humanity
"Hajj for humanity consists of a humanitarian project, focusing on philanthropic work projects for disadvantaged and underserved populations, primarily located in Muslim-majority communities."
Creator: Michele Baron

A global social collaboration platform, a project is to create a space where internet users from all over the world can meet, share, and collaborate on any project that they desire.
Creators: Wintermute, Michele Baron, Gabriel Martin, Daniel LaLiberte, RobDesMeres, Neal Burd***, Eric Lund.

Gong Hao!
"Capacity building in Africa by moving educators/entrepreneurs to Africa with capital and project to create jobs and provide training in open-source collaborative systems."
Creator:Chris ke Sihai

Agent Interviews
Creating a series of interviews with our most talented agents and runners.
Creator: Gabriel Martin

Bot Battle!
"Its time to create a team to fight these bots. They are changing strategies, and we will need to keep a closer eye, because of it. Lets make it not worth their time. Who is with me?"
Creator: Gabriel Martin

Jeremy's Evokation
"This EVOKATION deals with a major difficulty facing first-world engagement of urgent local and global issues: the psychological inability of many to face and engage world problems. Collaterally, it offers a platform for educating audiences on our present day crises and urgent challenges. The product offered self-perpetuates; the audience takes on functional administration of the product."
Creator: Jeremy Laird Hogg

Autism For Help Village Project
The Autism for Help Village Project is a socially innovative entrepreneurial initiative or venture that hopes to emerge in South India, based on the the idea that autistic people need a place they can know as home and that they are not just inc**bents but also a help to society in unknown ways. In its first phase it will consist primarily of a school and a ecologically and environmentally sound health food farm with outlets for selling the food and a building for running the school. Later it may expand into a proper village with a vocational training college, a hospital, a medical shop, a residential quarters, parks, playing grounds, a toy ground, a research centre, a retreat for specialist visitors, an aqua therapy place, an equestrian place etc. The initiative will be run initially by Dr. A.V. Koshy and hopes to cover all the needs of a limtied number of people on the Autism Spectrum and of their dependants, even as it works in union with the communities around it, so that it is a thoroughfare and not an isolated entity.
Creator: A.V.Koshy

The Evoke Community of Corumba Cue
"STRENGTHENING THE COMMUNITY, by offering them resources that help to diminish costs and provide better living conditions, avoiding the displacement of the current family households."
Creator:Gilda Lorena Arias

"This project will be a website for connecting local charities/NGO/NPO to each other and larger charities. the idea is that every organization has resources that can be bartered, traded or gifted to others; each organization also has its own needs. this can create a large local pool of resources that, optimistically, will be cost-effective, cheap or even free."
Creator: nomadHAR

Empowering the Person
Creation of a NGO to fight poverty and social exclusion in the city of Barcelona, using Architecture and Design.
Creator: Aseel Honein

Alexandra's Evokation
Inspiring people to fight the world's most urgent problems though public participation and engagement.
Creator: Alexandra Chauran

The Story of Happyness
A global collaboration of 'Stories of Happiness' - The challenges you face and the solutions created to fight them.
Creator: Paul Holze

Helping the poor girls, who do the prostitution for getting money
Helping prostitutes give up their profession and gain a new life, by supporting their needs with an innovative business plan.
Creator:Iyamuremye Jean de Dieu

Karamveer's Evokation
Implementing an ingenious 'Solar Mill' project in Africa
Creator: Karamveer Lalh

Helping empower Battered Women, Children and Men stop the cycle of abuse
Teaming up with BIPPs(Battering intervention and prevention programs) to fight violence and abuse in Texas.
Creator: Sunny Dupree

Cloud + Classroom
An ingenious online mentoring program aiming to change the traditional education system.
Creator:Gabriel Martin

Livelihood Security
"A fruit based multi-tier model, focussed on livelihood generation for disadvantaged and underserved populations primarily consisting of tribal communities."
Creator: Pradip Dey

Making a difference
Helping people from poor township make their environment clean and healthier for living.
Providing easy access to useful herbs and home-care products to people.
Creator: Bongumusa

Creator: Greg Stevenson

A little collaborative composition
Creating a composition using the following 5 notes: E, F, G, D, C of Beethoven's Ode to Joy.
Creator: Elizabeth Bosingnore

"This Evokation suggests that we began constructing libraries - thousands of libraries - that are re-imagined to be be more appropriate for the 21'st century."
Creator: David Dewane

Hope for the Homeless
"I'm starting a non-profit organization called "Hope for the Homeless." It would be a mentorship program designed to function much like Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. Mentors would be paired with homeless people in order to help them through their daily struggles."
Creator: Luke Sokolewicz

Each one Teach one
"An open-source, user-friendly, online database of university students prepared to provide free tutoring to other students."
A tutoring Network
Creator Yumna Moosa

Access to Education
"I will start a all around the world non-profit organization where mentors can be trained on a secure website made by either some of the geniuses in the world or me. After the mentors are trained enough, they will conduct free lessons with all the kids who'd like to learn. Once these kids get older and wiser, they will end up becoming mentors for others and teaching small or large groups of children. This will be all over the world and once in a while, after the organization gets many donations, some mentors will be able to travel to Africa or other places with a lack of education and teach the children of Africa. The cla**** can be held anywhere... Outside, inside, in a house, anywhere."
Creator: Jennifer Jain

A live streaming Evoke conference
Creator: Sam Gutekunst

Tyler's Evokation
"I want to get the community together and grow food for those who are in need of help. Often times its the poor who can't afford the better foods but rather have tostick with the MSG-laden processed foods. Growing fresh fruits andvegetables will help them out to save money and get out of poverty.Contributing to their world view will help lift depression from."
systemic causes."
Creator: Tyler Burns

Get Earthy/Dirty
"Get Dirty!(or maybe Earthy?) is an organization I would like to create that's purpose is to help city kids and kids everywhere become or at least have the opportunity to contemplate becoming a farmer. Not necessarily a traditional farmer, though those are definitely necessary and kids will be encouraged towards that if they are so inclined, but also including and helping with a lot of urban farming ideas."
Creator: Katherine Morrison

The creation of a solid fuel green energy and recycling business
Creator: Nick Dutch

TEG technology for energy scavenging
Creator: Nick Dutch

Learn By Playing
"Develop a Financial Simulation Game that can teach by playing the basic principles of money management, financial institution and other skills that help improve theeveryday life of people without access to education or with the lack ofknowledge."
Creator: Diego Castañeda Garza

" I want to change the education for students so that it incorporates more technology. Technology is the future and I feel schools should do a better job of using it (as I cannot emphasize enough - so long as a reliance is not developed). From this change students will be better prepared for the world of tomorrow, and will be able to be more productive and efficient."
Creator: Sam Gutekunst

Collaborative Challenge
"The first challenge would be to find at least one other person, and create a post together with a rough idea for what you want to collaborate on. All of the people involved would post the same post on their own blog, and would provide links to the other same posts on their team members' blogs. They would receive 1 Collaboration point for this, plus any points their team members may want to give (encouragement for collaborative with more people)
This would then be continued in a series of challenges, working to a final and actualized goal. Subsequent challenges may involve fleshing out and making a detailed plan, or taking actions on your plan."
Creator: Amos Meeks

Empowering women
Reducing highway accidents and maximizing road safety through the use of female drivers.

Social Action Game Platform for small regional initiatives ?!
Develop a free, open, collaborative social storytelling platform framework with integrated game mechanics and design a process for social innovation initiatives that enables them to apply the solution in their regional outreach channels
Creator: André Boeing

An Entrepreneur Platform
"My dream is a platform where anyone with a good idea can go and with minimum cost find and hire a team of experts to do all the 'non-core' work while they work on developing their business. A baker can focus on baking, rather than invoicing and debt collecting."
Creator:Brian Chatterton

Alloson's Evokation
"The idea is to create a school where members of the community teach and learn together in a non judgemental and socially acceptable manner. To start, I want to have programs that teach people what to some are gender specific skill sets. For women, I want to have lessons in woodworking, metal crafts, auto maintenance, and general home repair. For men, I want to have lessons in cooking, sewing, fabric crafts (knitting, crochet, weaving, spinning) and food preserving. The goal being to allow people to be able to be independant. I want us to adapt to our changing world and learn to live more in harmony with nature instead of always fighting it!"
Creator: Allison Keats

Save your Super Star
To get Chinese people more aware of intellectual property, especially music products. Let people think critically about the behavior of downloading free music and buying pirate CDs.
Creator: Miaomiao Huang

Empowering the nation
"Empowering the nation’s project is a student run project initiated students. It is aimed at instilling entrepreneurship skills to the Alice Town community and its surrounding rural areas as well as creating a clean source of energy that is environmentally sustainable and cheap to attain and easy to use."
Creator: Mafia369

Education Reform
"Okay, so here's the idea. I want to gather members of right-brained-based education and put them together and form an education reform. "
Creator: Daniel Pisani

Micro-franchised Makerspaces for the Third World
"There are many, many challenges to be tackled in the developing world today. One of the best ways I see of getting at many of them at once in an effective and large-scale manner is to give people the tools to solve their own problems. This is why my Evokation is to create microfranchised makerspaces for the third world."
Creator: Amos Meeks

Rebecca's Evokation
"I have come to realize that transforming the education system on a national level is an enormous task that will take a long time. Small tangible steps, however, can really contribute to this process. We need to tap into communities and educators that 'get it'. Those that understand that our children are faced with a very different future than we were and we need to prepare them for it."
Creator: Rebecca Gillman

Gutter power
"I propose to convert gutter run off from rain water into electric power for battery storage. The device will be a micro-hydro generating plant for the use of a single family or a small business."
Creator:Peggie Scott

"My Evokation has potential to increase the resilience and better prepare isolated communities for an emergency everywhere in the world.
What if there was a emergency and a small isolated community needed to be evacuated quickly but phone lines and power were out? What if they didn't get evacuated because they didn't know there was a need to? What if there was a spare vehicle or boat but they were left behind?"
Creator: Buffy B

Evoke Band
"This is probably going to be my Evokation... but I want to create a CD of the best songs we all create and sell it with the proceeds going to a charity for art and music in Africa."
Creator: Justin Miyamoto

A technological platform for creating a global mind shift
"Creating a technological platform that allows people to learn deeply about themselves, creating a possibility for expansion in the human perpective."
Creator: Benny Faibish

Improving food access and livelihoods for rural farmers and beyond!
"To help rural farmers improve on their livelihoods through improved farm yields, for sustainable development."
Ssozi Javie

Evoke Network Resource Centre
"I am going to develop a resource centre for community which has been my dream to initiate."
Creator: Nangar Soomro

ReBuffalo Evokation
"ReBuffalo.org will be a forum for disseminating information and fostering collaboration among the residents of Buffalo. It will give people the information and tools they need to join forces with like-minded individuals who are passionate about helping their community."
Creator: Nathan P. Wallace

Portable Helical Watermills
"The watermills will be meant either for areas where a natural disaster has occurred (thus requiring the use of a simple and portable power generator for triage sites), or for areas that have an abundance of drinking water that has become polluted. In simple terms the device is a source of power that doesn’t depend on erecting massive generators that disturb a landscape."
Creator: Simon Spencer

Rural Poverty Alleviation in Lebanon: an Entrepreneurial Approach
"I was compelled to undertake a personal initiative that would entail creative thinking and unconventional methods, in order to meet the strategic objective of rural poverty alleviation, in a time when governmental interventions in the form of pro-poor policies are continuously dwindling, especially in terms of financial resources and schemes of comprehensive development."
Creator: Ari Tatian

Moving Towards A Resource-Based Economy
"The change is to change our economic system from a monetary system to a resource-based economy."
Creator: Daniel Blanchard

Open Primer
In a nutshell, Primer is a learning game with an epic story that teaches players to master real-world skills and ultimately to make new learning games using an OpenPrimer platform so that anything is possible and anything is playable.
Creator: Alex Peake

Straw Game
"Actually the idea is quiet similar to Evoke project (when i discovered at TED i was so happy i cried!) . Is to create a game for mobile phones and web. So the basic idea is the same but is very different the way you get from one mission to another as well as relations among players and between players and mentors. I will succeed in getting more real outcome of products and services because the game will be produced with the people that is expecting some results from it."
Creator: Valentina Maini

Motivation Incentives
"Encourage the field workers to stay on task through competition, direct rewards, and recognition."
Creator: Peggie Scott

Earth Fall
"EarthFall is an international environmental art installation created by Kevin DiVico and designed to allow the human inhabitants of the Earth to view upcoming climate change trends and patterns as posted by the Earth in the form of Data “waterfalls”"
Creator: Kevin DiVico

African Biogas Energy Development Project
e"The Idea is the materialisation of my evoke Biogas project as shown in my "Power shift" approach. We shall begin to reconstruct or construct the toilet system of the people so that they will be able to trap heating gas anaerobically generated. We will design and make special thanks from simple and cheap materials such as PVC as various connection and reaction systems that will eventually generate the gas. The gas will be used to generate heat which will power the simple turbine or piston necessary to rotate elecromagnetic motor which will generate electricity.
Every component needed to effect this project are already in Existence. What we are going to do is to combine them. The system and the materials generation process will generate a lot of commercial activities. "

Lets Evoke Flashmobs in Gameworlds
Its interesting check it out ^_^
Creator: Gordon Freeman

Green Power Rally
An American national movement to mobilize non-violent demonstrations in order to educate the population on Green and Renewable energy sources.
Creator: Conor Drums

Preserving Natural Habitat & Preserve Nature and Heritage
"My second socio-economic idea is: to save near-extinct plants in the southern desert and valleys, and all the bio-diversity that is associated with preserving the nature habitat near the rose-red stone-carved historical city of Petra, with its unique rose robin-like birds and bio-nieches."
Creator: Reem N Bsaiso

Woodland Conservation
The challenge is to purchase a wood and maximise its financial return to invest in a combination of expansion through purchasing land and planting, purchasing other woods in the UK and later to assist in conservation of forests in developing countries through use of the profits raised in the UK.
Creator: Chris Delamer

Curiosity Incorporated
"And it is my dearest wish that there will one day be a curious centre in every community that will allow people to not only satisfy that curiosity, that drive t know more, that drive to step out of ignorance, but also provide them a space to create and discover and invent new things for the next generation to be curious about. A never ending cycle that will drive the human species onwards and upwards."
Creator: Katherine Morrison

Clean Energy- Solar Powered Boats
"If I had one thousand, I’d use it to bring Hans Zaadnoordijk (fiber glass boats buildner) and Ir. Niek van Dam, a genius in solar energy to visit Aqaba and together update our study and make a presentation to the government – the new government team (the old team left) and try to employ solar energy, not just for the boats, but for the tourists camps and bathrooms."
Creator: Reem N Bsaiso

Solving Real World Problems in Virtual Gamespace
"The project I would like to work on would be to create an online simulation game that would mirror real world systemic problems and allow players to work together in order to create systemic solutions. The game would by playable through an internet connection or SMS messaging. There would be a crossover effect wherein real-world events (such as the BP Deepwater oil spill) would change outcomes within the game. Likewise, players would be encouraged to take in-game solutions out into the real world. Instances were real-world systemic solutions are effective could be mirrored in the game as well."
Creator: Phil Houtz

A Medical research facility in Malawi, Africa
Creator: Darklogos

The Indlovu Project

"In an area around Indlovu, students cannot study nor do homework at their schools as these places are broken and in terrible condition as a learning environment. The Indlovu foundation is helping create an environment where children can grow and learn and part of this is creating a place where students in grades 8 to matric (13 to 20 years) can study and do work together to ensure the best possible education for the future. However, Indlovu is unable to provide the latest up to date education and curriculum content which is a problem because the student are not given physical notes due to the lack of photo copiers etc.My idea is to distribute this information through an application on internet enabled cell phones."
Creators: Paul Freund and Ethan Grey

"Our EVOKATION is centered around food security in the informal settlement of Khayelitsha, Monwabisi Park, more specifically the community centre known as Indlovu. Indlovu is an amazing place: it has a crèche, preschool, soup kitchen, volunteer centre and guest house. Furthermore, they are rebuilding a part of the centre which will form a clinic and youth centre. The previous centre was burnt down in 2008 after a fierce shack fire. The community was devastated but showed unbelievable resilience by building it again from nothing. This community is admirable. They are struggling though, and we aim to help them by means of increasing their food security. This is our mission."
Creators: Reid Falconer and Martin Dyer

Build and Network Knowledge Economies Globally
An e-portal to network youth and women
Creator: Reem N Bsaiso

Detroit Recovery Plan
"The city of Detroit is facing a number of challenges. The city has a very high unemployment rate. Detroit has lost a lot of its population and thus its tax base has been seriously depleted. The public school system is in a shambles. Other big city problems such as crime, drugs etc., also exist. While the situation appears bleak, if not hopeless, there exists a possibility for the implementation of an Evoke which would address many of the above problems."
Creator: Megiddo Tell

People Value Company
"The People Value Company (PVC) Ltd. will broaden the financial base of organic regional agriculture enterprises in China’s Guizhou Province by defining their success not only in financial return, but also in environmental and social returns. Instead of investing in anonymous green investment portfolios with difficult to measure impacts, the PVC will offer Chinese emerging middle class investors the opportunity to invest in their own region and therefore remain closely connected to their investments."
Creator: MirkoZ

Chengyuan High School Exchange Program
"We want to sponsor an exchange program between our school and schools in Africa. Kids from Africa will come here and learn about Taiwanese lifestyle. In the meantime, we will also introduce them to evoke, and hopefully when they go back, they will spread the message and this network’s goal will be achieved fully.And of course, kids from our school will go to Africa. In additional to learning about African lifestyle, we can also see what has been and still needs to be done. We believe this project will benefit both sides greatly and we can gain lots of precious experiences."
Creator: Chengyuan High School

Private School for the Poor
Creator: Riccardo M. S.

The Distant Constituent Project
"To increase direct, respectful, yet confrontational engagement between individuals about personal behaviors which produce long term societal impacts, and to promote these dialogues across political, economic, social, and geographic divisions."
Creator: Wasserperson

Viral Resonance Therapy
"Research and develop a product that uses resonance biophysics to provide a cure for HIV/AIDS."
Creator: Victor Udoewa

Junior International Summer Service Cops
"Develop an international summer service program for high school students in the US, especially those from low-income neighborhoods, to form teams of 10 and travel overseas to do service projects in development for a period of 1-2 months. They will travel and work with chaperones and be hosted by Peace Corps Volunteers at their sites."
Creator: Victor Udoewa

Poverty and Safety
Reducing informal settlement fires
Creators: Kishan Chaugan and Emily Nauta

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Comment by Wintermute on April 9, 2010 at 4:58pm
If you want to back log already posted projects you can use this post that I started a week ago http://www.urgentevoke.com/profiles/blogs/what-are-you-evoking. I agree that some official formatting would create an easier to navigate system but in this case I like the chalkboard method.
Comment by Samiran Roy on April 9, 2010 at 5:03pm
@Wintermute, thanks, can you organize them to their formats and post them here?
Comment by Julio Cesar Corona Ortega on April 9, 2010 at 5:10pm
Excellent idea and a great big thank you.

Feel free to add mine:

Solar Power With a Twist
Description: An improvement on solar power installations for homes, targeted towards ease of use and maintenance and without removing the standard power grid.
Completion Date: Open
Requirements: Engineers, solar technology experts, electricians, carpenters, an economist or two, funding.

Society changing MMORPG disguised as a commercial game
Description: MMORPG project designed to be as commercial as possible, but raising awareness to social and world issues through veiled lessons embedded in game mechanics.
Date of Completion: Preferably by 2015
Requirements: Game designers, 3D artists, writers, sociologists, programmers, music composers, ecologists, psychologists, sound technicians, sound designers, anthropologists, web developers, graphic designers, economists, massive funding.
Comment by Samiran Roy on April 9, 2010 at 5:26pm
@ wintermute, sorry, i meant only your projects.
Comment by Turil Cronburg on April 9, 2010 at 5:37pm
The Human Powered School
Aka, the Whatworksipedia, a global, web-based free school where people can share solutions to how to meet their body's needs for health, and use their body's own resources for useful things.
Requirements: we initially need a website host and at least one or two database/wiki/site experts to help create the basic platform for the wiki itself and some kind of basic profile pages for contributors. Then we'll need people, especially teachers of kids age 7-13, to work with and encourage kids to contribute and learn from the site, as well as needing the kids themselves, and others to be contributors an learners. All work on this is likely to be volunteer, though if we get some funding, there could be small stipends, and prizes, for contributors both on the back end and the front end.
Comment by Conor Drums on April 9, 2010 at 6:31pm
An American national movement to mobilize non-violent demonstrations in order to educate the population on Green and Renewable energy sources.

Requirements: No requirements are needed for any one person, but we are looking for people to rally and help us make some noise! Feel free to see my post http://www.urgentevoke.com/profiles/blogs/green-power-rally for details, or email me at interestingconundrum@gmail.com to see how you can join in or start your own!
Comment by Conor Drums on April 9, 2010 at 6:32pm
Date: July 31, 2010

I put it in brackets, so it didn't show!
Comment by Tim Cooley on April 9, 2010 at 6:36pm
Project Name: Coolecooking
Link: coolecooking.com
Description/Goal: First off this website is in development. This is a recipe website with a twist. Many people have issues with eating healthy and sticking to family budgets. The goal of this website, when completed, will be to create a weekly meal plan. By creating a plan it will helps eliminate the need to go to out to eat, thus saving money. Also by creating a plan people can budget and see where their money is going.
Date of completion, if anyAugust 2010
Requirements: None :-) except if you have a good recipe please feel free to enter in in the submit recipe area.
Comment by A.V.Koshy on April 9, 2010 at 9:09pm
yay!samiran FTW - go for it man
Comment by Samiran Roy on April 9, 2010 at 10:43pm
Need More Projects.
Help, anyone?


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It is 7'oclock, I was late home from work due to an assignment that i wanted to get ahead on. By the time I get home I am feeling extremley tired and I cannot be bothered to make a proper meal. I walk to the fridge and open it to see what there is for me to eat. All of the out of date foodstuffs have been automaticaly thrown away by the fridge, they will be recycled tomorrow as animal feed or something. I see i have organic local eggs and some local cheese. Foods are vacc** sealded for easy…See More
Mar 10, 2020
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Mar 1, 2020
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FutureToday is 2020/1/1. It is just like yesterday. The war is still continuing. It has started since 2010. In 2010, that year was a horrible year. Almost every energy ran out. Every country’s governments were crushed down at the same time. There were riots everywhere. All of the big company’s bosses were killed xdeadx in the riots. Troops fought each other everywhere. Food was bought up xawayx at once. There were no more food supplies in any shops. The economy was all crushed down. All the…See More
Jan 1, 2020
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Jan 13, 2016
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public servants

The exchange works directly for state and public workers and servants. It gives them credit in exchange for the amount of public work they contribute to the community. The more constructive they are based off a base rate the more credit they recieve.
May 2, 2015
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May 2, 2015

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